MoscowTravel portal for Central and Eastern Europe is a German tourist internet portal, which introduces the tourism in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltic States and CIS, including Russia. combines the functions of a guide, an online exchange for the owners of private tourist housing and a directory of travel companies. One of the main goals of the portal is to popularize in Germany tourist destinations of the CIS and Eastern European countries.

We strive for drawing the attention of the clients to such regions as Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, the Baltic States, Czech Republic, Poland and Romania. The portal is being created in 3 versions - English, German and Russian. At the same time, each version is developing taking into account the interests of their primary audience. offers information about countries, cities, attractions, travel agencies, tours, tips for the tourists, and much more.

Portal users are able to order a home for the recreation online. The travel lodging database  of includes more than 30 thousand proposals. Travel agencies and other members of the tourist market of CEE, the Baltics, Russia and CIS countries are welcome to publish their advertising materials. Their participation is possible both in the Directory, and in the Booking section of the portal.


Slovenia is a country in the Balkans, which emerged as a result of the dissolution of the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Slovenia was lucky...
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The Carpathians

The Carpathians, Western Ukraine
The Carpathians are located in the west of Ukraine. The range stretches along the border of Ukraine and further to Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and...
The Carpathians >>

The Great Silk Road

The Great Silk Road, a map
The Great Silk Road is one of the most ambitious transportation arteries in the history of mankind. This trade route —Āonnected the East and the...
The Great Silk Road >>


Quite recently Slovakia was a part of one country, Czechoslovakia. In 1993, after the so-called «velvet divorce», Slovakia gained its...
Slovakia >>

Mountains of the Caucasus, Elbrus Black sea coast
Caucasus is one of the favorite recreation centers in Russia. This region offers various tourist entertainments for any taste. The most popular...
Black sea coast >>
The Crimea

The Crimea, Crimean steppe
The Crimea is the most famous peninsula of the Black Sea. The Crimea is known since the time of ancient Greece. Here Hellenes founded their...
The Crimea >>


A picturesque country of Bulgaria has existed on the map of Europe for more than 13-ty centuries. And all this time, Bulgaria has been a bridge...
Bulgaria >>

Destination Russia

During the last few years Russia is trying to develop an area of incoming tourism. And today, not only Moscow and St. Petersburg are popular among...
Destination Russia >>



Holidays in the Czech Republic: glass festival in Hradec Kralove
For the sixth time Hradec Králové, which is located in Eastern Bohemia, invites connoisseurs of glassblowing and ceramics. Here on the beautiful Tyla waterfront will be held the traditional festival of glass and ceramics (Nabrezi keramiky a skla 2012).


WOODSTOCK rock festival will be held in Ukraine
One of largest European rock festivals, WOODSTOSK, for the first time will be held in Ukraine in the Vinnytsa region on the Kalinovsky airfield from 28 to 30 of August.


Holidays in Bulgaria: free excursions in Plovdiv
Free tours in Plovdiv will be organized in English, so for many Russian-speaking tourists this proposal is free of charge only at first glance. Because they will have to pay for the English courses in order to understand the guide.



Travel Guide to Eastern Europe

Poezdka is a travel portal which offers extensive information about recreation in Eastern Europe as well as useful tips regarding tourism in the region. The website provides its visitors with a vast database of holidays rentals in the region of Eastern Europe. Accommodation options are represented by a wide range of apartments, summer cottages, holiday homes as well as private hotels and boarding houses.